The last couple months have been busy for Marcus GoreS.  Since I met the 21-year-old DJ, I have seen him behind the 1’s and 2’s at Harlem, share the stage with Riff Raff on New Years and start his new clothing line, Aeterna Absentia.  Not to mention he had finals at PSU the day we met for our interview.  Marcus is young, talented and hungry, with one word to describe his outlook on life: “I love saying YOLO, but I hate when other people do…” 

When he was 15, his Dad spent all of December threatening Marcus with the possibility of no presents for Christmas, until Christmas Eve, when he took him to get his first set of CDJ’s from Guitar Center.  Gores didn’t leave his room for the next week, and has spent the years since mastering his Serato vinyls.  He began DJ’ing in college at OSU, recently transferring to Portland State and relocating to the city.  “There are not a lot of young DJ’s in the Portland scene,” explaining that except for a handful of cats, like trap dj Gang$ign$, the scene is dominated by an older crowd.
Marcus spends his weekends as the tour DJ for PDX-based rapper/singer PropaneLV, whom he met while at OSU.  The LTRMN crew, including Marcus, Propane, Chad, Colin, Mikey and more is an awesome group of creative dudes with a strong work ethic and a lot of momentum behind them.  PropaneLV and Marcus play Peter’s Room on February 1st (quick plug – go get your tickets at PropaneLV.com).  In addition to that gig, Marcus plays Harlem most Sundays and other nights around Portland.
After a quick review of his Tumblr, it’s clear that Gores sticks to a strict regimen of black clothes and a well defined part in his hair, a style that has led to a clothing brand of his own, Aeterna Absentia.  “It means Eternal Absence.  It’s based on mysticism and darkness,” he explained.  With imagery of ouija boards, skulls and tarot cards, the collection is a definitely a new and welcome look for Portland fashion.  Look out for the first offerings to drop on January 14th.
He runs with a talented crew of young people, posing for photos with Nesrin Danan and talking high fashion with Jacob Keller.  The only shop in Porltand you will find him is Machus, probably because it is the only shop as dark as Marcus’ closet. Other than that, he likes to hang out with his girl and their miniature dog, oh and, “Turn up and get in trouble..”
Look out for Marcus performing with Propane on Feb. 1st and check for him Sundays at Harlem.  Aeterna Absentia comes Jan. 14th!
Props to Nesrin Danan for the photos.

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