Today, our homies at Triibe Gang come to EYES + EDGE to premiere the lookbook for their new “Fuck the System” collection.  I spoke with Mia of Triibe about what it is, what it means and when you can get your hands on it.  Check out a sample here, and visit TRIIBE for the full collection.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, what is Triibe Movement?

Triibe Movement is a creative brand comprised of myself and my sister/best friend Diamond Ferguson. We express ourselves through art, photography, music, and fashion. We also help others bring their vision to life with art, photography, wardrobe styling, web design, marketing etc.


What is the inspiration behind the “Fuck the System” collection?


My entire life up to this point. I was encouraged to be everything but, myself. Be a star athlete, have a good looking boyfriend, go to college, get a business degree, get a nice job, be a Christian, get married, go forth and be miserable like everyone else. By the end of my senior year I was on the path to doing those things until I broke my leg. I had a lot of time to realize how unhappy I was. How I wasn’t being myself, yet everyone was so proud  of me and happy for me. Every event leading up to this point has shaped this collection.

Fuck the system is for everyone that knows this feeling. This feeling of being trapped in a box. It’s a big fuck you to the powers that be. A HUGE fuck you to corruption in the government, police, PPD included lol, to making your parents happy, to making your boss happy. To racism, sexism, homophobia, religious discrimination, transphobia, ableism, and hate in any form.


What pieces are included in the collection?

Three simple pieces; A five panel snapback, a jersey, and a t-shirt.

Explain the translation of “Fuck the System” and why you chose to use a different language and alphabet.

I have translated it in a few different languages and plan to put limited The writing is Arabic and it’s closest translation is “curse the system.”

pieces out over time. Its just a reminder that this struggle is universal.

Just about anyone can understand wanting to have their freedom to do, be, think, have, create, etc.

Describe the inspiration for the look book.

I was looking to find an old school Polaroid camera at a rea

sonable price and stumbled upon a 1988 Impulse AF a few months ago and found a company that makes the film. I’ve been photographing my close friends and people I know in the fashion/streetwear game in Portland (http://www.triibemovement.com/#!style/c1m4i ) and thought why not shoot a look book with it. I also picked up a disposable camera and shot a few shots with it as well.

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Photography, styling, and creative direction by: Mia Charnelle

Model: Mat Randol

When and where will the clothes be available?

They will be available online March 15th at www.triibemovement.com.  That night I’ll be at Blue Monk (https://www.facebook.com/events/198751570325138/ )

Also available for purchase that following week (March 17th) at Backtalk Pdx – 3962 N Mississippi Ave.


SEE MORE NOW AT TRIIBE or at @triibemovement!


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