As you know, Portland prides itself on its authenticity, independent innovators, organic availability and ongoing commitment to being green. We believe that the people who live and work in Portland are at the heart of why it’s so special, and we wanted to give those people a voice to share their stories. As devoted supporters of Portland’s unique offerings, we’ve created a platform to highlight all of its perks and quirky characteristics.

EYES + EDGE is an online lifestyle magazine focusing on lifestyle, streetwear, music and Pacific Northwest living. We plan to launch a printer version in August, 2014.

Along with daily updates featuring local designers, artists, streetwear, fashion and events we act as a creative agency called Young X Hungry. We specializing in marketing consulting, social media, video and photography production and event execusion. We work to engage the community through collaborative projects and interactive events that align with the tight-knit and supportive energy that constantly buzzes throughout Portland.