Bullē Classic is fresh in every sense of the word. Founders Aaron Moiel and Nichalus Woolley are not only newcomers to the Portland fashion industry (they launched Bullē in 2012), but they’re also churning out high-quality garments and accessories (made in the United States) that we haven’t seen before. When thinking of the street style of Portland men, visions of flannels and skinny jeans instantly come to mind. Bullē Classic deviates from this stereotypical uniform with the creation of a line that draws from working-class, nautical inspiration. Ever since we were lucky enough to snag Bullē Classic’s wildly popular Regatta crewneck sweatshirts, we haven’t worn much else. They’re ridiculously comfortable and stylish.

We’re beyond thrilled to have Bullē Classic as one of our vendors for our upcoming Mr. Man event, but if you can’t wait that long to party with them, check out their First Thursday Celebration tomorrow (11/1) from 4-9pm. There will be music by DJ Wicked, Ayatollah, and TROX, an art show featuring the work of Dominic Sigari, and complimentary food and drink. Go check it out and grab a crewneck sweatshirt for yourself!

E+E: What sparked the idea to start Bullē Classic?
Bullē Classic: Bullē Classic came to fruition as a company that adopted the values of it’s hometown of Portland, where blue-collar industry such as timber and sea trade permeate the cityscape with a humility and confidence that true fashion so desperately craves.

E+E: Give us the background story on the name Bullē Classic. Where did it come from?
BC: The word Bullē stands for determination, humility and persistence.

E+E: Tell us more about the clothing in the store. How do the designs come about? What’s the overall theme/message?
BC: The use of nautical design and metaphor goes beyond aesthetics for Bullē Classic; it defines the company. Dual oars signify the company’s spirit of movement, entrepreneurship and dedication, while the crossed anchors speak to the company’s commitment to consistency and perseverance amongst an industry of fair-weather clothing brands.

Co-owner Aaron with Nolan Smith

E+E: What’s the most memorable story or moment so far?
BC: Recently, Nolan Smith of the Portland Trailblazers stopped by our downtown store location. It was an honor to have a member of our local NBA stop by the store and purchase some Crewneck Sweatshirts as well. Co-founder Aaron Moiel had the pleasure of meeting him and getting him fitted in some of our most iconic pieces. We are excited to be able to get some more professional athletes wearing and supporting the brand.

E+E: What do you predict the biggest seller at MR. MAN will be and why?
BC: The Regatta crewneck sweatshirts have been extremely popular; we expect that they’ll most likely continue to be a top seller.

E+E: Explain the dynamic of you two in one word.
BC: Brothers. We joke, fight, laugh … Basically we’re family.

E+E: Any major future plans for Bullē?
BC: We are extremely excited for our winter staple to go into stores across the country! We’ve chosen four items from our Winter Line—a fleece, a crewneck sweatshirt, a hat and a wallet—that will comprise this four-piece staple.

Bullē Classic
937 NW Glisan, Unit 116
Portland, OR 97209

Written by: Lauren Kodiak

Photo courtesy of Bullē Classic

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