Free The Robots has been touring the world recently, going to Japan, Bali and now jumping over to the US for the start of their tour that will eventually ends in Europe. Phew, we wouldn’t say no to summer plans like that. They are stopping in Portland this Friday for a¬†show with Opio @ the […]

Sunday Sounds: The Soulution


                  I’ve found it. I’ve found the solution to your musical rut. The solution is The Soulution. Here you will find the grooves you’ve been subconsciously seeking but can’t remember the names of. These are the cuts folks so show some respect and boogie down when the […]

Sunday Sounds: WTFest


Having survived Sasquatch – my first music festival – I am now addicted. To be surrounded by such a large number of people is overwhelming for sure, but when everyone is putting out the vibes – there’s no stress. There’s only drugs, friends, and music at that point and that’s what you’re paying for. Mix […]

LEave Your MArk: Denver Edition

photo 4

It’s basic math that a city with a larger population has a higher probability of producing more street artists. However,the probability of me finding some sort of street art sanctuary in a city that I’ve never been to before, while walking around with my mom, is incredibly small. While visiting my folks in Denver, CO, […]

Sunday (Monday) Sounds: Squatch 14


Having been off the grid for the Sasquatch Music Festival, this playlist is a day late. However, if I had posted this prior to the festival I would not have known what I know now. Black Joe Lewis, KONGOS, and the Flvr Blue are all worth listening to and did not make it on to […]