TechFestNW Recap

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We saw and heard some amazing talks at TechFestNW this year, including insights from a startup veteran, how tech can help save the music industry and the genius behind the crazy glowing tetrahedrons you may have seen off Martin Luther King Boulevard. Cities such as Portland and San Francisco are brewing with some great talent […]

Local Designers: A Talk With Demimonde


Jewelry designer Rachael Donaldson hardly ever creates the same piece twice. Unless you’ve commissioned her for a set of multiples, Donaldson has no plans to replicate her lovingly crafted jewelry. She’d rather let each earring and necklace stand on their own, like mini sculptures. Donaldson’s jewelry features a striking collection of geometric Native American motifs. […]



  We love nothing more than when young upstarts come together to collaborate, to partner, to share their talents. And lately, more have been springing up. First came Portland Flea and Black Box. Then came Union Way scooping up Quin candies, Spruce Apothecary, Danner and New York brand Steven Alan. Now, on Aug. 30, we’ve […]

abrahams&duffy Last Day Sale

Courtesy of abrahams&duffy

After two years, the carefully curated boutique abrahams&duffy is shuttering its doors. We’re sad to see them go, but co-owners Daisy Grattan and Marissa Rodriguez say they’re moving on to better things with growing families and new projects. In a goodbye email to abrahams&duffy fans, Grattan said she plans to dedicate more time to her […]

Self Edge Opening Launch Party


Jean enthusiasts, now’s the time get your pants in a tizzy. Self Edge, a boutique selling premium raw denim (selvage) jeans, is heralding the launch of its new Portland location with a Saturday launch party at the 10,500-square-foot Union Way retail center. Everyone’s invited — Sip on some beer, meet husband-and-wife founders Kiya and Demitra […]