Fetch Eyewear’s tagline is “Eyewear for Animals”. Now, before you start picturing bespectacled cats and dogs running around Portland (though that would be awesome), let’s clear something up: Fetch actually makes eyeglasses for humans and donates all of the profits to the Pixie Project, for animal rescue and advocacy.

Buy a few pairs of these hip glasses (they make them for prescription, reading and sun) and rest easy knowing that they are made from quality materials and backed by a lifetime warranty. Plus, you’ll be reminded of what a good person you are every time you wear them. Because, really, “what good is fashion without compassion?”

Fetch Eyewear is celebrating their launch at the Spirit of 77 this Wednesday (September 19th) from 6-9pm. You can tour the newly renovated Pixie Project space, drink a cocktail and play skee-ball. Sounds like a dream!

Written by Lauren Kodiak


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