So, you finally get to take that trip you have been waiting for and counting down on your google calendar for the last 92 days now, or maybe it’s a business trip you have no desire taking. Regardless, isn’t it a bitch when you go to these places that you know must house some kind of cool off the beaten track place, or good gallery that isn’t on Main St, you just don’t know it? Well maybe these will help. We have gathered some insiders, one could also call them residents, to give you the the down low on some great American towns.

Travel through the windy city on the “L”, then to the small town of Walla Walla (230ish miles east of Portland), back to the midwest to Detroit (ROCK CITY! -it’s automatic), up to New York’s hip Brooklyn borough, down to home of the Bangles in Cincinnati, to Los Angeles back on the west coast, then to the founder’s lovely hometown of Bloomington, IN, off to make a quick stop to its kind-of neighbor Louisville, KY, and back up to the up and coming Minneapolis. But not in that order. That would be a stupid route.

One thing we have come to find…every damn person, no matter where you live…loves brunch.

Okay, next stop…CHICAGO!

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