It started with a crash and followed with a hospital visit. Ever wonder how the hip Lowell store got to be? Well, in short, that is how it happened. In more detail, Daniel Matt (co-owner of Lowell with Maya Rose) was skateboarding down a hill and fell hard. Worried about a concussion, he went to Legacy Emanuel. It was on his way home that he spotted the vacant space at 819 N Russell Street. A former children’s art therapy center, Daniel and Maya recognized the spot’s potential and opened up their store.

Lowell is a welcoming space. Immediately upon entering, we were greeted by Maya, who offered us a cup of coffee and inquired about whether we wanted any cream. With coffee (Water Avenue) in hand, we were able to wander around, admiring the gorgeous Navajo textiles and the sake bottles Maya got from a recent trip to Japan. A collection of this and that, the store has an art gallery feel with southwestern flavor.

E+E: What made you decide to move to Portland from Arizona?
 We were inspired by the fresh ingredients for cooking and liked that there were a lot young people doing cool stuff.

E+E: What are some of your favorite pieces?
Maya: The one-of-a-kind Navajo textiles, black and white ceramics, and quirky folk art.

We recommend stopping by to have a chat with Daniel and Maya. They’re passionate about what they do and super nice to match. Also stop by to see work by Ali Gradischer, entitled “Variations of The Truth.” The exhibit is from July 20th-August 24th.

Lowell Blog
819 N. Russell St.
Portland, OR

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