With the new year brings new projects! We’ve been busy over at E+E updating our pages and people. We’re very excited to introduce our amazing team who make this publication what it is. You can read about them here.

It’s because of our fabulous people we are able to provide you with fabulous services. Keep us in mind the next time you need to collaborate on a project, advertise your new or existing business, want a creative marketing campaign or an event unlike the rest!


jan 7New weekly column “Swooning On” giving you all tidbits of the things that cross our eyes/desks/screens on a daily basis. We’re constantly inspired by art, design, culture, music, funny facts (many probably being useless) and what better day than Monday to get your mind working again after the (long/not long enough) weekend.






Beginning January 8, 2013, creative/photographer Rob Lewis will share a weekly photograph from Portland in hopes to inspire, capture and expose bits + pieces you may have missed. A new #PDXPhoto will appear every Tuesday.





As we all know, Portland has a very distinct culture. As a collective society, we have a pretty eclectic range of storefronts, restaurants, services, and people. In saying this, we know you all have your own wild/beautiful/unique stories and we want to hear them. It could be one crazy night, a realization, an overview of your time in this town, a convo you overheard waiting for the bus—whatever it is, we want it out in the world for everyone to read! It can be anonymous or not, abstract or organized, visual or wordy. Either way, send it in to We look forward to reading!  

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