We’re getting excited for our upcoming MR. MAN event! In order to get to know our manly vendors a little bit better, we asked them some very serious and thought-provoking questions…

1. What’s your definition of a MR. MAN?
2. Name a real man’s drink.
3. Manliest movie. Ready. Go.


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1. Mr. MAN is a gentleman of style, class and grace and has a discerning sense of humor; someone dark, very witty.  He is well read, cultured, a decent chef and knows how to make a woman laugh. He is not afraid to smile, take risks, and is humble. Mr. Man knows how to tie a fucking bow tie.

2. Whiskey is the obvious go to, but that’s a given and shows a lack of creativity. An extra dirty gin martini with 2 olives: two for him, one to leave in the empty glass when finished (not to be eaten).

3. Probably Bullitt. Hell, any Steve McQueen movie (see above). Maybe Wayne’s World.

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 1. Andre the Giant. The original one. He’s the Behemoth of a man in The Princess Bride. That’s one Mr. Man nobody will ever be able to shake a stick at. Choke-Slam!

2. A shot, half full of tequila/half full of garlic salt. It’ll stand you right straight up.

3. Reservoir Dogs. Mr. Pink is the man.

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1. It’s a pretty exciting time for dudes. Recently, ‘gentlemanly’ is being valued as a virtue, rather than the old laissez faire attitudes of Jeff Spicoli and Zack Morris. Mr. Man is guy who is virtuous, tastefully dressed, and interesting. What separates him from the jackasses, is that this guy is crafting his own lifestyle, isn’t afraid of work and is simply being genuinely thoughtful of himself, and more importantly, thoughtful of others.

2. The short answer? Ardbeg 10, a beautiful peated single malt scotch. Although, making perfume isn’t too far off from the olfactory reward of a well blended cocktail, so I have a great deal of fun making variations on my grandfathers drink of choice: The Old Fashioned. Try it with a splash of Plum bitters along with the traditional Angostura and a twist of lemon; it might be the perfect fall cocktail.

3. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. When folks say they don’t make movies like they used too, whether they realize it or not, they’re generally referring to this one. Robert Redford and Paul Newman ooze gentlemanly charm, as bank robbers in the 1930s, of course. Although, after giving it some thought, I’m not sure the dude in me has ever been so inspired as I am after watching Bruce Brown’s surf epic, Endless Summer.

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1. Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson in Boardwalk Empire. Check out the shoes!

2. 30-year-old whiskey, no wait… Diet Pepsi… Shaken, not stirred?

3. The Edge starring Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins.

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1. A Mr. Man is good-timing to his end, and hardworking to his benefit. One cannot be defined by feats of strength, or notches on the belt, or dirt under the fingernails. Mr. Man is a point of view. It is unique to each man, and can be defined by his appreciation for the avocations of his choice.

2. Bulleit Bourbon, neat. Beer back of Double Mountain Hop Lava IPA.

3. The Herzog masterpiece Fitzcarraldo! So many layers of manliness in that film.

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1. Our ideal Mr. Man can vary in style, age and occupation. But he must be confident, love animals and have the resourcefulness of MacGyver.

2. This one was unanimous: bourbon, neat.

3. The Outsiders + Cool Hand Luke.

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1. Chuck Norris. Beard, check. Denim, check. Roundhouse kick to the face, check.

2. Gin & Tonic.  Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

3. Terminator 2. Epic man/machine battles.

Written by: Lauren Kodiak

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