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    E+Etv: InFocus Episode 1 with Emily Aalbers

    Friday, April 18, 2014

    InFocus covers individuals who work hard on and off the clock, individuals who progress through learning and doing, and those individuals who never understood the words, “give up.” This spring marks Emily Aalbers’ last term as a double major at Western Oregon University.  She has put in her hours the last four years and finally […]

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    E+Etv: Ant B “99 Styles” In-Studio video by The Incorporated!

    Wednesday, April 16, 2014

    We headed out to the homie Dan Lafferman aka Booty N Bass‘s studio, where we talked to Ant B and recorded a music video to his song, 99 Styles.  We talked to Ant about how he go into the game, his vision for Northwest hip-hop and his favorite song, 99 Styles.  Then he spit the […]

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    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    For those who love to travel environmentally and style friendly, make sure to check out a new project on Kickstarter called Peace Bicycles. Peace Bicycles is a company based in Los Angeles that offers an array of fashionable and functional vintage-style bikes. Their bikes are designed for optimal comfort, whether you are traveling for business […]

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  • Dusty Fox performing with the band Two Planets at Atlantis Lounge, April 2014.

    WAXED OUT: An Interview with Dusty Fox

    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    WAXED OUT delivers new music to keep your record collection fresh & stacked to the ceiling words by @Evan_Gabriel Sitting at his dining room table in southeast Portland, Dusty Fox, one half of the Northwest hip-hop crew Research & Development, is having a serendipitous Saturday. The MC just opened a fortune cookie that told him […]

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Burnside Bridge rooftop - my favorite Human piece so far

Leave Your Mark

Happy Thursday. I got out and about downtown this week to find some sunny throw-ups. Good work Portland, but I’m seeing a lot of painted over (now blank) walls, which is by no means your fault, but we can’t stand for this. Grab you cans, pens, or whatever your medium is and get those tags […]



Want to know what the F is happening?  This is the spot where we scour our wifi-enabled devices to bring you the best social media posts from the last weekend!  Today we have a special SXSW edition, where we collected all the posters from PDX bands who will be playing at Austin this week. Take […]


Sunday Sounds

SUNDAY SOUNDS Music holds a unique and special role in each of our lives. A melody can go unheard for years and then roll out of a passing open car window and immediately immerse us in a specific moment, years agos – the feeling washing over, head to toe.  Every Sunday you can find a […]


E&E TV – Triibe Movement

On our first ever installment of E&E TV, we bring you Triibe Movement, who premiered their new “Fuck the System” lookbook on Wednesday.  They have been grinding for a while, and have nothing but great new stuff coming.  Watch the interview here then check out their site Triibe Movement and follow them at @triibemovement.

NOMAD news - Overlook Park

Leave Your Mark

Portland is a hub for creativity and the culture here encourages you to share that with everyone. Graffiti is no exception to this invite. This column is in no way intended to blow up anyones spot or reveal any artist’s identity – quite the opposite. This is a salute to those who roam the streets […]



Today, our homies at Triibe Gang come to EYES + EDGE to premiere the lookbook for their new “Fuck the System” collection.  I spoke with Mia of Triibe about what it is, what it means and when you can get your hands on it.  Check out a sample here, and visit TRIIBE for the full […]

Stewart Villain

WAXED OUT: An Interview with Stewart Villain

WAXED OUT WEEKLY delivers new music to keep your record collection fresh and stacked to the ceiling words + photo by @Evan_Gabriel_ Standing in his living room with Star Wars blaring, Stewart Villain seems anything but worried. In fact, he’s nonchalant. The twenty-four year-old producer-rapper has managed to make a living selling his beats, defining […]



Want to know what the F is happening?  This is the spot where we scour our wifi-enabled devices to bring you the best social media posts from the last weekend!  This is what happened in Portland over the weekend, be there next weekend! @illmaculate was performing at the Blue Monk this weekend, when Portland Police […]

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15 CENTS: 19th Letter

As of late, the nation’s eyes have been fixed on Chicago for both positive and negative reasons, most notably the Drill music scene (Chief Keef, King Louie) and the intense gang violence it was born from.  The real question is, what will the city and its inhabitants do with all of this attention.  A few […]


15 CENTS: PropaneLV

While running through my daily hip-hop Youtube session about a year ago, rather than my usual 15 seconds of painful ad before each video, I was introduced to one of the hottest names in Portland music.  I continued getting ads for PropaneLV, a rapper/singer doing great remixes of popular songs.  6 months later, after an […]