We don’t normally post about things that are too far outside of Portland, but our friends down in Sydney are producing a pretty great event that we would love to attend. This summer (remember, their seasons are opposite…yet another reason we want to attend this event) the Short Film Social is calling for entires to their film festival for their official launch party, Friday, December 6th. Submissions are free and the cash prize is $1,000 big ones! It would be great to see some of Portland’s talent win. 

The open air cinema will attract filmmakers, the city’s biggest artist and those who want to soak up the evening summer sun. The lawn seats and vertical gardens will go in and the lawn will be filled with live music and good vibes.

So, this December, have a reason to go down under and submit a video. And because it will be so close to Christmas and your heart is filled with giving, bring us along. We won’t mind at all.

SFS in Sydney
107 Redfern St.,
Redfern, Australia 2016

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  • Short Film Social

    YES – we would love to see you Portland peeps if you’re travelling down under! Mention the E+E and we’ll hit you up with some free popcorn and drinks :-) Hope to see you guys out there!


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