Kickstarter is the absolute best way for people to raise money to bring their unique product and event ideas to life. We would go broke if we tried to back every awesome idea out there, but sometimes, one comes along that we just cannot ignore. You know, like Portland’s first art-infused silent disco (a silent room of people dancing to the music in their headphones). Michelle Arrazcaeta, a student at the Wieden + Kennedy school, is responsible for this innovative party plan, but she needs $3,000 to bring it to fruition.

So what exactly does this silent disco entail? Let’s break down the facts:

Everyone will wear wireless headphones (provided by Silent Storm Sound System) and have the option of jamming out to one of two DJs.

Along with the music and dancing, there will be art to create a multi-sensory experience.

One free drink is included for each Kickstarter supporter, but there will also be a cash bar.

Words cannot express how much we love this creative idea. As Michelle says, “It’s half dance party, half social experiment”. It will be interesting and hilarious to see how people interact, especially when they’re dancing with each other to different DJs in their headphones! We have a feeling that Michelle will have no problem funding this crazy dance party in a town like Portland. Here’s a link to her Kickstarter page so you can make a contribution, if you feel so inclined.

PDX Silent Disco
December 2nd, 2012
525 SE Pine St
Portland, OR 97214

Written by: Lauren Kodiak

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