The Creators – MMXII. Check them out. From the clothing they make to the tunes on their website, we like it all. We sat down with Andrew Wood, one of the guys behind the brand, to learn a bit more. Read on and enjoy. 
E+E: Tell us more about how The Creators got going.
Andrew Woods: After I moved my brother, Tacen, out here from Colorado, he lived with my wife and I for about 6 months.  Tacen found a job at Compound Gallery after being involved in that community for a while we were inspired to start a brand of our own.  From that point on we enlisted the help of Bobby from Lift Label and one of our designer/friends Jake Neilson to help with the logo.  The inspiration for logo (which I drew myself) comes from a “hand of God” motif and Sistine Chapel, we thought it went well with the name of the company.  I started networking, planning, and saving money for the initial collection and the rest is history.

 We really love your blog, or “rhetoric” as you call it on the site. What inspires the photos you choose to post?
AW: Our blog is basically a canvas for inspiration.  If you could open a hatch into our brains, this would be what you would find. We mostly post pictures, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves and will be releasing some cool content in the coming year.

E+E: What projects or collaborations do you have in the works? What should we look out for?
AW: As far as projects coming down the pipeline, there may be some collaborations coming soon this year.  We are also working with a few brands in Portland on a super top secret joint operation.  Very excited to share the details on this during Portland fashion week.

E+E: After traveling and living all over the world, what do you love most about living in Portland?
AW:We love Portland because of the people and the environment.  When you walk around here you feel like you could be wearing or doing the strangest thing ever, and people will just be like…meh.  Love it!  You can’t beat the beer, summers, and laid back vibe. Best coast always wins.Oh yeah, and to the doers, workers, builders, makers, and creators…never forget that “Creators Don’t Stop”

Photographers & Stylists: Tacen Woods and Myself
The model is Nate Ketel.


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