The Incorporated’s 15 Cents: The Creative 35

For the last four months, a group of 16 individuals have been hard at work sharing their passion and motivation to create. Thriving in the already eclectic hub of the Northwest known as Portland, the Creative 35 is a group of young, like-minded entrepreneurs varying in background but sharing the common goal of building a foundation.

Founder and Project Manager Marcus Harvey explained to me during an interview, “We are building a house…when you get bored with one room, you simply un-do some bolts and screws, and can add on a whole new wing just like that.”

With the recent success of their first Battle of the Brands between The Incorporated and Jaefields, the collective is currently focusing on giving people something substantial, providing locals with an experience rather than pure social media buzz.

“We promote doing what you are good at, and most passionate about through events, pop up shops, and hands on experiences,” Harvey said.

Concentrating on creativity and art, The Creative 35 offer specialists in every field from video, events and 3d motion, to website or clothing design. Even brand consulting.

“We all want to make a name for ourselves and never have to work for the “man” ever again,” Fashion Coordinator Jacob Keller said.

Is there a specific goal behind this group? I wondered.

“Before I got into fashion and before I knew about Creative35, I honestly thought that the creative scene in Portland was nonexistent,” Keller said. “I’ve met so many talented people in the last couple months, and now we’re a group of people who get together and work on ways that we can all collaborate and make the most out of our talents.”

“So get out of the house, go around, talk to people, get inspired. Believe me, there’s more to Portland than meets the eye,” Keller said.

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